About Sky Snapper

Sky Snapper was built as part of the 2014 Space Apps Challenge by a team of 4 people from PA Consulting.
The idea was to enable large scale collection and analysis of sky (or air) quality data from around the globe.
We have enabled this through developing an iOS application and a web service which people can submit their pictures to.
We can then perform analysis on those images to determine pollution and air quality information.

About Space Apps Challenge

The Space Apps Challenge is an international mass collaboration event focused on creating solutions to address global needs.
Projects are in the categories of Earth Watch, Technology in Space, Human Spaceflight, Robotics and Asteroids.
The challenge is based around the principles of transparency, participation and collaboration, by using openly available data supplied through NASA missions and technologies.

About the team

The team who built Sky Snapper is from PA Consulting. There are 4 of us: